Daryl Baxter

Mr Baxter is a good friend of mine and all-around game nerd. In recent years Daryl has become a professional writer and published author. His work revolves around games, technology and software at large. His passion for accessibility, honesty and retro games comes through in everything he does. His book

Robert Sharl

Robert is a UX designer at Futurilla and lecturer at Birmingham City University. He is also the Co-director of the Cine Excess Festival and a has focused on digital, online and interactive media for decades. He helped to develop the first cyber café in Birmingham city and was instrumental in

Kevin Wammer

Kevin AKA Cliophate publishes to his blog "Essays on being human with a pinch of philosophy and a dab of science".

Matt Birchler

Matt Birchler is a blogger who loosely bases his website on technology but has turned to making YouTube videos. How channel A Better Computer is dedicated to making your technology easier to use and help you understand things in the most simplest way. We talked about his journey, his love

Kia Kamgar

This week I am joined by the Tech Minimalist Kia Kamgar. He was nice enough to spend an hour with me to talk through his dedication to helping people live a life with less complicated tech. We also dived into cancel culture, minimalism and embracing being lazy! His awesome content

George Chachanidze

For the first episode how could I not be joined by podcaster, film maker and all round great friend George Chachanidze. We talk all things in life including his thoughts on being really close to the current Ukraine war. Check out his videos.

From The Archive: Matt Gemmell

Chatting to Matt some years ago was in many way the start of a more personal podcast. His life of tech that has evolved to writing solely on his iPad felt very familiar to me. The the time his second book was on its way, but they are now coming

From The Archive: Patrick Rhone

I sat down to talk to Patric a few years ago and discuss all the things we both love. We talk minimalism, depression, micro.blog and too many topics to list. His writing has been an inspiration to me and can be found at https://www.patrickrhone.net