Thinking About Twitter

Trying to form my desires and intentions for sharing online is hard. There are a few things I want to do, and a few more I would like to do but probably won’t and then a few more that I would like to cut out. The motivation to put

Twitter Spaces

The app's first words to me about Spaces were “What the #$@!% is that” and I entirely agree. I hate that little icon that plagues my Twitter app screen. I think it’s supposed to be a microphone, but I vaguely remember it being something different. The powers that be at

How To Sign Shortcuts Files

I woke to an email about an ancient Shortcuts repo [] I had stored old backup files in. They were available as a place to save Shortcut files I had written about because the iCloud link sharing can be a bit flaky. They were so old

85mm For Street Photography

Although there are a few people [] who sometimes use a longer lens for Street Photography, there are far more that dismiss a longer focal length. The internet is filled with posts telling you to buy a 28mm, or a 35mm or

I Don’t Need A Blog

There are far too many things in my life that I don’t really need. I don’t need half the technology I have, nor most of the myriad of online services that I pay for. These include the hosting for my blog. I don’t need it really, but

The Busy Fool

I am not one to write about business. Not because I don’t think it’s valuable to have opinions about it, but just because I don’t think I have many important things to say. My working life thankfully has been pretty simple, and I am not about to

Reading Doesn't Need To Be Hacked

I am one of those people that constantly strives to do things better. Always looking out for tips that help get things done simpler, and also seeking simplifications to processes that Kia Kamgar [] would be proud of. Yet, there are things that seem long-winded,

Trapped By A Company

There have already been many words written about the walled gardens [] of tech companies. Usually reserved for talk about Apple and its tight grip, it’s also a long-term aim of almost every company. Build a reliance on your company that runs too deep

I Want To Write Something

There is a tale to be told here. One that having a blog sometimes feels a little like having an unpaid job. A job that you feel like you should be doing better and more often than you are, but I reality you don’t owe anyone that obligation. The

Interoperability Should Be Simple

Unless you’ve been living under a technology rock, or simply don’t care, you can’t escape European legislation trying to cub technology companies. Investigating, charging and regulating the world's largest and most influential companies can be tough, but they seem to finally be getting a handle on things.