G. Keenan Schneider on Hating the Internet

Social media has convinced us that any thought, regardless of effort taken in developing it, is worthy of publication.

I think I have shared this post before, because it is full of relatable content and take away quotes – but this one hits perfectly.

When i first started with twitter seeing all the “just heading to yoga” tweets because almost everyone I followed I knew personally and the service as a whole was pretty quiet. Knowing things about the people you wanted was enjoyable and easy to get through the noise.

We now live in a time where everything is regurgitated onto your time line, there is no way to filter specific types of tweets, and the platform as a whole is full of noise. As such I have to move further and further away from the platform I love.

Not least becuase the service is determined to surface the most polarising and “engaging” tweets into my timeline and its all a bit too much.