I often wonder why I publish things to the internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tweet, a photo or a full-on blog post, the whole idea of it seems futile when you really think about things. I don’t show ads, I don’t have a Patreon, I don’t make any money at all, so what is the point.

Yet there is one. Take for example the ‘How To” guides that I write. They get next to no views in the grand scheme of my posts, but they inform some people so it’s worthwhile writing. I once get a nice email form someone stuck with their Lumia 950, and they found my how to guide (which is long gone) and manage to fix their issue when nothing else did.

To be honest most of these guides I write for myself because I need to refer to them later when I enviably forget how I did something. Yet informing that one person of what to do, makes all the hassle worthwhile.

The same goes for writing about the ideas and thoughts that I have, most of the time they slip by people without being read. Yet sometimes, just occasionally, I get a nice tweet or some feedback to say that’s for writing this because I feel the same but didn’t know how to express it.

So, writing to inform people is not what I do. My days of writing 3-5 news articles a day on tech news are long gone. Yet my blogging does get through to some people, and even if they don’t I love doing it. My blog is a bit like a digital journal that I often look back on, and I can feel the emotions I had when writing them. Some tell me things will get better, some tell me to never go back to that place, but they tell me something and that’s its own reward.

This post was Day 3 of the March Daily Blogging Challenge , and the prompt is : inform.