How To Use Tailwind With Your Ghost Blog

Never one to be left behind, I am continually looking for a way to speed up my theme development. Call it desire to be cutting edge, or near of missing out, whatever it is I love to play around with it. One thing that gets loads of attention is Tailwind

Twitter Login “Nothing To See Here” Fix

There is nothing more annoying that technology not working the way it should do, without any fix. Well, maybe there is, but this is me we’re talking about, and I’m pretty neurotic about these types of issues. I have been battling being able to log in to third-party

How To Edit Your Ghost Theme Using Github

Since first trying Ghost, one of the best things about editing my theme is the ability to host on Github. Through a simple integration I can easily edit my theme to make changes from almost anywhere. If you want to do this too, this guide should help you out. Ghost

How To Publish To With iOS Shortcuts

My blog is currently hosted on the excellent service. I could go on about why I chose this place to host, but my thoughts are summed up on my post here. It suits me perfectly because I publish everything to one place, from short ‘tweets’ to

How To Do An EE Digital eSim Swop

Despite it being a standard feature in many Android phones it took Apple until the iPhone XS to implement a dual sim of sorts. Even then you need to have one as an eSim and that limits the networks that can support it. Thankfully EE were one of the first,

How I Set Up My

💡As you can see this post is no longer relevant to the blog you are reading as I am now using Ghost, but it still contains usefull information.Now I’ve ended my Ross and Rachel relationship with, and I’m fully in, I wanted to spend some

MX Master 3 Freezing On Mac? Here's The Fix!

After denying it for quite a while, I succumbed to getting myself a third-party mouse, and you can’t buy anything other than the MX Master 3. It’s more comfortable, more accurate and is packed full of power user features that allow you to mould its usage to your

How To Start Hacking Roam Research

As with everything I get invested in I like to go in deep and see what it can really do. One of the easiest ways to start to mould Roam Research to your will and make it unique for your use case is to add in CSS or JS. These

How To Track Zwift Route Badges

I would hope that no body starts morning that I am not writing about enough technology lately, but I’m finding it hard to write about anything at all. Never mind getting motivated to write about the very little news going around. I have been spending my time riding my

How To Set Up Strava To Record Calories In Apple Health

After switching from recording my cycling on the Apple Watch to a Wahoo Element Bolt my activity levels seemed to suck. After previously smashing my move goals I was left short on some days even after a reasonable ride. Simply because Strava wasn’t calculating my calories and it took