I’m Out: A Shortcut To End Your Working Day

Undoubtedly, the biggest thing I was looking forward to with the macOS Monterey update was Shortcuts. It promises to be the final piece in automating the Apple universe. Admittedly, it is a bit hit-and-miss, feeling as if it's still in beta, but most things work well. My favourite part is

Shortcut For Easy Apple Passwords Access

As much as I love 1Password, I don’t love having to pay yet another subscription. So when Apple overhauled their password manager I was intrigued to try it out as fast as possible. Sure, using a fully integrated system probably isn’t the safest way to do things, but

Add Information To Notion With Shortcuts

Without getting too much into the tools I use (yet again) I have been enjoying using Notion lately for all of my productivity needs. It’s not perfect but the power and flexibility it offers me for free is pretty crazy. One of the downsides is using it on the

Shortcut: Pocket Quote To Obsidian

One of my favorite things to do is read through all the items I have saved throughout the day to my articles. It gives me time to wind down and usually gives me something to think about, and where most of my link posts come from. Unfortunately I can’t

How To Publish To Micro.blog With iOS Shortcuts

My blog is currently hosted on the excellent micro.blog service. I could go on about why I chose this place to host, but my thoughts are summed up on my post here. It suits me perfectly because I publish everything to one place, from short ‘tweets’ to

Publishing To WordPress With iOS Shortcuts

If I can be allowed to stick my neck out a little here, I think the iPad is the perfect blogging device. The battery life is great, it’s very affordable, you can take it anywhere and interact with it in several different ways. In a pinch you can

Shortcut: Find Apple News Original URL

This issue has been driving me insane for a while. Apple seem determined to keep everything locked into news yet there isn’t the out cry like there was for Google’s AMP hiding we’d addresses. Still Apple news is surprisingly good, with a little curation effort, I just

Shortcut: Natural Language Dates In Things

As you might have gathered already I have been playing around with Things 3 from Cultured Code. After being a long time Todoist user it has taken a little getting used to, but the recent updates have made the app provide almost everything that I am looking for. One major