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Google Fit To Be Released At Google I/O

With each leak the excitement builds towards Google I/O. We are in for a jam packed keynote full of exciting information and new products. You only have to look at the I/O event schedule to know that Android Wear is coming. Forbes has now revealed information about Google Fit, the fitness service Google will be launching Google Fit to rival Apple’s Health book.

In an attempt to avoid producing another dead resource like Google Health, Google has chosen not to build jet another app or service to compete with already established brands. Google has instead created the Google Fit platform. Designed to collect and interpret data from other fitness trackers and health. And its ready to go live at Google I/O incorporated into no only Android Wearables but also smart phones.

Google Fit For All

Google will release a Google Fit API at I/O. Any device manufacturer or application developer will then be able to plug directly into Google’s services. However it’s unclear if the service will need to be built into the Android OS or simply a stand alone Google Fit app. If they take the latter approach, data could also be collected from iOS and Windows phone users by launching a Google Fit app.

This will aid people that may use more than one wearable. Android Wear will collect daily data such as counting steps, then users could strap on a heart rate monitor when they go for a run later. All the data would be collected by Google Fit, stored in the Google Fit cloud, and maintained by the same app. A mammoth task as even vast wearable producers such as Nike have struggled to amalgamate data from Fuel Band users and Nike+ users and make the data meaningful.

Not to mention, allowing people to plug into older or rival collected data. Data could be collected form the heart rate monitor from the s5, old Fitbit data or even heart rate and exercise graphs.


It seems becoming the hub for all the data to be collected is the current trend. Apple have released Health Book as a platform to collect data from its handsets, expected to be joined by a wearable  later in the year. Health Book would be able to store similar data, including steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns.

Samsung have made similar efforts in the form of SAMI. Critics have been quick to move against Google’s data harvesting. Similar noises have been made to Google Fit as after the Nest acquisition. The fear is that Google will target ads based on the health data collected by Google Fit. They could however do this with any Google Now or Android Wear related information. Imagine an advert for a performance boost just as you’re starting to slow down during a run or even worse, medication and procedure adverts for those suffering from the detected condition.

Google Fit Already In Android Wear

Android Police have once again done their homework and delved deep into the leaked Android wear system dump from the LG G Watch, and ripping apart the ClockworkHomeGoogle.apk has shown a “retail mode”. This mentions ‘reaching fitness goals through a built-in pedometer’. They also uncovered that the new play services is able to collect wearable data and plug it straight into Google Fit.

Google have done their homework, and have waited until the wearable they release is as packed full of features as possible. Google I/O is now only days away, and Google are bound to still have a few tricks to show us. What else can they possibly pack into the conference?

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