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The Entitlement Of Reviewers

The once relied upon tech journalists that influenced purchasing decisions are up in arms that Apple let some lesser known people be the first to release their videos.

Videos by channels such as, UrAvgConsumer and even streetwear channel HighSnobiety have made traditional tech reviews act like entitled rich kids. Quite a few You-tubers were invited to what appears to be Apple stores and allowed to release their videos a day or so before everyone else. This is a huge achievement and great recognition of a changing media landscape. Yet those having to wait until later in the week to publish theirs have a huge issue with it.

Recode described the videos as “a little braggy”, and criticised them for the fact they “don’t feel like gadget reviews at all”. Indeed these are not reviews you are looking at, they are hands on videos. Made during a few minutes with the devices (around 45). Most of those complaining have already had the luxury of attending Apple campus and sitting though the keynote as well as handling the phone already. Not to mention the luxury of more than a week using the iPhone X – but are they too blinkered to see these things.

Videos such as these won’t replace reviews from large publications like Arstechnica and The Verge, but supplement and add to them from a completely different angle. Subscribers to these channels are seeking real opinions on questions they have about the device. They don’t care about flashy effects and top notch editing, they want real opinions and lots of them.

An honest opinion that isn’t pressured by the fact that Apple gave them a device FOC. Or that a certain amount of clicks need to be achieved to balance the books. The vast majority of us had to spend a lot of cash to buy one, and will still review the device because we enjoy doing it.

The time has come to face the fact that “YouTube channels you’ve never heard of” have a much more relevant opinion than many tech publications. Most are not wrapped up in their own bubble of self importance they miss what is in front of them. They tell the tale of what it is like to use the device, if only for a few minutes, and don’t get bogged down in this CPU and that Screen.

With that said this isn’t the time to start being snarky back. The claims that you are the “future of the media” can wait for another time. Those that got hands on should be proud of their recognition and feel humble. Keep doing what you are doing but most of all – enjoy it.

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