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A Few Hours Naked

Don’t worry. Nothing PG here. Merely the fact that at any hardware launch it’s important to really appreciate the lengths Apple go to to make the phone feel the best it can. Even while picking the phone up in the Apple store I am steered towards the cases that are marketed in a colourful display near the back of the shop. Clearly cases have become a necessity – but I’ve spent at the least the first few hours with the phone ’naked’.

Since the iPhone 6, all of the hardware has looked it’s best nestled in a case. That’s not to say that it isn’t nice workmanship, but the camera bump has signalled the need for some neutrality. A case equals out the depth of the phone and means everything sits flush once again. Cupertino are no longer hiding the appendix, and in actual fact leaning in quite a bit. However the fact is it feels better in a case, I really wish they would thicken the device inline with the bump and add in some extra battery – but Apple like to design small packages.

Darryl Baxter pitched this idea to me when he got his iPhone 8 Plus, so this time I’ve made a conscious effort to really appreciate the design effort gone into producing the device. Using it case less is a revelation, appreciating how much smaller and lighter the phone is, using it as Apple intended. Apple design may not be leading the pack as it once was, but they sure know how to pack loads of tech into a slim device.

Unfortunately I have the Space Grey version that shows finger prints like you’ve been eating KFC. Not to mention the extremely high prices for damaging your shiny new handset. Apple repair prices for the front glass is £279 and replacing the back glass complete with wireless charging coil is more than £500! So even at £200 Apple care + might be a worthwhile investment if you plan on living naked.

So my new iPhone X is tucked away in its leather case and no doubt will stay there – but it was a nice experiment.

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