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Shortcut: Shopping List In Things

As I slowly split my life into different sections, and live a life with different apps for home and work – Things 3 has become vitally important. It takes a more relaxed approach than Todoist and allows me to remember things to do but not feel stressed about them.

So I’ve put together a simple Workflow to place a list of items I need into a checklist in Things 3. This can be launched from the Today widget so you can type in all the items, just tap return between them. Or more often than not my wife will text me a list or put it in a shared Apple Note, I can simply highlight the list and share it to the Workflow.

2018 05 15 shoppinglist workflow 1Download the Workflow

After typing in which shop you’re going to the Workflow creates a checklist in Things to mark off once you’re there. Such is the power of Workflow and also the brilliant automation features of Things this simple base can also be easily adapted for a list of whatever you need to do, such as a project checklist or DIY tasks list.

All you need to do is change the question in the ask for input action where it says “where are you going” to a more relevant question for the list you wish to make.

Check out some of my other Workflows I have shared over time, these are steadily increasing as I find and make more. If you need any help or want to try and achieve something with Workflow head over to the subreddit and ask away.

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