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My Favourite Drafts 5 Actions

Despite Drafts being around for ages, I am very new to using it for any length of time. I’ve already posted about my love of the app after giving it a chance, so I won’t go into that here but thought I’d share some of my most used and favourite actions.

Send to Things

I really don’t need to discuss my love of Things here again, do I? This action enables me to write multiple todos and pass them all to Things at once. Saves loads of time for planning a project or if you take meeting action notes like I do.


Post to

The greatest thing about Drafts is the fact I start absolutely every bit of text in the app and then pass it to its destination. I start all writing here and if it is long enough or good enough I post to my blog, if not I use this action to post to with ease.


Send To Bear

My longer notes or lengthy attachments to Things todo items are stored in Bear. This action does exactly what it says, passes all text to Bear and creates a new note.


Post To My Blog

Should the text I’m writing be deemed worthy I post it to my blog hosted on github using Jekyll. In order to do this it needs to have the correct front matter and then be pushed to github using Working Copy. This action does all of that in one tap. I have several of these for posting to different parts of my blog.


Covert To HTML

I quite often write columns for newsletters or websites that require me to send it across in HTML. Or perhaps I just want to see what the page I’m building is going to look like. Whatever the reason this action turns markdown into HTML.


Do More..

There are hundreds more that I could mention but these are my most used ones. Matt Birchler has also created some really good ones himself and helped out with the post to action above. Drafts has become my favourite app and does most of what I used workflow for. I’d love to know your favourite.

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