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Jisoncase iPad Pro Case Review

For as long as I have been using an iPad as my main computer I have struggled with where to keep it. I have never been a fan of many case designs as they often add a lot of weight which makes holding an iPad much more difficult. Couple this with the fact a case is pretty much redundant while in use, it’s usually in my hand or being used propped up in the Smart Keyboard, there simply hasn’t been anything to fill the void.

So when Apple introduced leather sleeves with the 10.5 inch iPad Pro I was interested to see if they would work – but at £130 it was far to much money to simply test one out. Thankfully as with everything made over the last few years, it has been reproduced at a much more acceptable price point – introducing the Jisoncase iPad Pro Case. All the features, but at a considerable saving and I’ve been trying one out for a couple of weeks – here is my review.

Design And Usage

The case fits the iPad Pro and pencil snuggly inside, it is reassuringly fitted to the design and offers pretty good protection from everything other than a very high drop. It pretty much copies the official Apple design with real brown leather that is lined with soft material on the inside. Meaning not only is your iPad going to be protected, it’s going to be dusted off while inside the case and more importantly you’re going to look good carying it.

The cover is also available in black or red, but I opted for the brown colour to match my other brown peripherals. The leather, although not as high quality as more expensive cases, appears to be wearing very well – although a bit of wear and tear makes a leather case look much better in my opinion. So I am actually looking forward to it appearance after a few months of use. I am much more comfortable putting my iPad into my bag knowing it has more a little more protection.

2018 06 21 jisoncase desk2 1

I was initially very sceptical about using the case, and put off a little due to the sung fitting, but after a few days of use the case provided a great deal of protection given the amount of traveling I do. Thankfully there is also a slot to store an Apple Pencil, seeing as I have already lost two, this should hopefully make sure I know here it is and it is protected. Unfortunately it isn’t all good news because I cant use it with the Smart Keyboard.

Unlike other cases there is absolutely no chance of fitting an iPad in with Smart Keyboard attached. I can just about wedge it in with enough effort, but this just isn’t practical. I presume the leather will stretch over time, but when compared to simpler cases on the market I really shouldn’t have to stop using the keyboard when I want to put it in a case. I considered getting an occasional keyboard, however as great at the case is, given my usage and the amount of work I do on my iPad I can not justify making changes to my workflow just to use this case.


I am not really sure where this now fits in, I use the Jisoncase iPad Pro Case a small amount when at home, but without storage for my keyboard the usage when traveling has stopped. If you use just the iPad and Apple Pencil (which according to my poll quite a few people do) then this is the case for you. Great quality, nice looks and protection can be found at a bargain price point.

You can buy the case on the Jisoncase Website , Amazon or Aliexpress.

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