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Stopping the Tide

For the last few months I have (had) been journaling. I won’t bore you with the details but jotting down a few notes once or twice a day in the Day One app (my review) had been helping tremendously. Bringing thoughts to the front of my mind and working through issues or decisions easier. Almost as if I were to have a conversation with myself and reach conclusions from it.

Trouble is, as with everything in life, as soon as you start feeling better the things that pushed you forward fade into the background. We all do it, as soon as the feelings stop we stop doing the practices that have got it through to the other side. I stopped journaling, didn’t meditate as much and I’m now kicking myself. It isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last as it happens for everything from exercise and weight loss goals to taking medication.

Working full time, having a side hustle, podcasting and writing is simply too much work for me to take on. You would have seen it in the lack of blog posts, heard it in the podcast and felt it with my distant tweets. However it is time to build myself again – I have spent some time working on getting my blog to look the way I want and hopefully the posts will follow suit.

10 days away from technology has made me more conscious of my usage, made me focus on what is important to me and actually allowed me to be more focused going forward.

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