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If I Had To Pick One Device

With all the drama surrounding iPad reviews circling again I posed myself a little thought experiment. When all is said and done, and I could only choose one device to ‘work on’ forever – what device would it be?

It took me some time to run through all possibilities, come up with a few work arounds and a little bit of work to stay neutral. Surprisingly, I think I would have to choose a MacBook. Simply because I know with 100% certainty I can get 100% of everything done on a MacBook. Unfortunately at this moment in time I can’t say that about the iPad.

That isn’t to say the iPad is useless. I still choose to use it for the vast majority of my daily tasks. It is far more powerful, versatile, portable and has better battery life than almost any laptop on the market. Combine that the fact that honestly I much prefer working on iOS to macOS and I would choose the iPad most of the time. What is different to all of these review posted at the moment, is that I wouldn’t claim either of these machines are useless.

What many reviews are pointing to is the same arguments that we had when the original iPad Pro was released. If it doesn’t work for you that’s ok, choose a MacBook or an iMac or a Windows machine. That is perfectly ok and more power to you. However that doesn’t make the other options useless for others. Let’s all choose the machine that fits in best with our workflow and requirements and carry on. I am just thankful that all of these options exist in a modern ecosystem full of potential.

The new iPad Pro no doubt will move even closer to me dropping a laptop, if I can just work out podcasting! For more thoughts, check out my solo podcast launched today.

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