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I Was Going To Write A Blog Post

Except I didn’t, I sat at my desk and turned on my iPad. Open up Drafts and simply typed a few words into the endless posts I have been working on for ages and then opened Twitter. The same Twitter I have been staring at for 20mins previously, before getting to the end of the new posts in the Apple sub-Reddit.

This has been my life for the past few weeks, since spending obscene amounts of money on the iPhone XS I think I have been searching to add in value. Never bored, never happy to sit and think about things as I would do even a month ago. Double and tripling my pickups in an hour (thanks screentime) and generally making myself feel unhappy.

Why do I bounce around the same few apps looking for entertainment? Well depending on who you listen to it’s just the way of the world now, or the worse thing to happen to the world in a long time. I would lean more towards the latter opinion – but I just can’t help myself. It’s not the phones fault, it’s not the app makers fault (well maybe a little) it is mine. I don’t want to turn my phone grayscale, remove loads of apps or god forbid buy a dumb phone. I love having a computer in my pocket and information at my finger tips, but I need to find some kind of solution.

Intentional Twitter usage seems to have gone by the way side and I am becoming something that I detest. Hopefully by simply acknowledging my tendency to do this more often will help break the cycle, because something has to give. I even contemplated logging into Facebook and this gave me the wake up call I needed. At least I did write a blog post in the end, but not about what I intended to, I can’t even remember my idea.

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