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Loosing Connection - And My Mind

Last week we moved house. I’m not sure what possessed us to do this a week before Christmas, but we didn’t have much choice in the matter. The general belief is that this is one of the most stressful things to do, yet we project managed our way though it and it went brilliantly. Apart from one small detail – we had no internet connection or TV for a whole week.

Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be great once it is installed, we have this fancy Fibre To The Property (FTP) connection, so speeds will be ridiculous. So going forward things are going to be much better, but it is only in times like this that you realise just how much you rely on an internet connection. It has also made me realise just how much interruption TV and web usage interferes in our lives.

Perhaps I am an exception to the rule, but I have my doubts. I am very connected, with podcasting, writing and interacting on social media, there is barely a time I am bored. Yet being without Television has made us interact more as a family. For the past week we have simply been in each others company – talked, played and actually been bored together. Both myself and my wife have meditated more, eaten better and been present at every moment for our children.

We did this before, we make a point of eating meals together, doing homework and all these great family things. Although in the past how much of this has been undermined by a background noise of TV or music? Just the sheer presence of these things is bound to have an effect. Although I am really excited to get an internet connection back, I am really pleased this has happened. If only to draw attention to our usage of electronic entertainment, and build habits that will carry on in our new home.

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