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Nothing Has Changed In 2 Years

A few years ago I used to write a lot about Lucie. Mention her a lot in posts about my life and also wrote a few from her perspective. Making light of situations when in reality it was my way of coping with feelings and emotions.

The greatest issue of which is lost sleep, and in a cruel twits of fate as I lay wide awake at a ridiculous time of the morning an old post shows up on Day One and it seems nothing has changed in two years.

Lucie has always been up at silly times of the day and I don’t think it’s ever going to change. Sleep is something I now have a very strange relationship with, all thanks to my daughter who appears to not need any! As much as we try and provide as least distraction as possible, all the safety features and ridiculous amount of medication – her sleep is a constant issue. This invariably means me laying awake and writing blog posts or getting up and trying to mediate the noise so no one else wakes up.

I still have yet to work out the magic combination that allows us to get a reasonable about of sleep. Where’s as ‘normal’ children will have a bad nights sleep every so often, we are the reverse. We get a full night sleep once an a blue mood and rely on each other to keep going. Self medicating with coffee is perhaps not the answer but I did get a nice coffee machine for Christmas so it might help a little.

Think about me when you’re all tucked up in bed and relaxing. I will be the one chasing my daughter around the house to stop her working on a new techno beat by smashing two toys together.

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