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I Need To Stop Playing With It

Not in that way! I’ve never been happy with the way my blog performs, or looks, and unfortunately I spend too much time tweaking things and even creating completely new ones! This is time I should be spending doing other things, or you know, actually writing things to publish on my blog.

So the time has come to make something and stick to it, I’m currently debating over a few different options – and I’ve managed to narrow it down to three options. I either move all of my content onto a hosted micro blog, publish everything on a redesigned Jekyll blog or use

Blot really appeals to me because I can just stick a markdown file in a Dropbox folder and let it work its magic. It’s quick and easy, minimal fee (£20 a year) and very minimal fuss. The downside of this is the themes are limited, and I’m struggling to get my head around editing it into something I’m happy with. My worry is that its a little slower than my Jekyll affair, and I think I will edit the design too much.

Jekyll is easy for me to work with, has zero cost (outside of a domain) and there are loads of themes and a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet. The downside is that it requires a bit more preparation to get a theme to where I want it to be, and a little more work in publishing (pushing to Github). This is pretty easy on iPad, but a little more annoying on Mac (but not impossible). has appealed to me for a long time, and it has almost infinite support for custom Hugo themes. However I am still not sure if I want all my short and long posts appearing together? As I have spoken about before, I am still struggling to admit I’m never going to be a writer. I publish completely different things on my, to on my main blog – but in all honesty there is no reason this needs to continue.

I’m also a little nostalgic over my creaky old Jekyll theme, it is the only one I’ve used and I’ve modified it so much I think I could rebuild it in my sleep!

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