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I Want A Better Looking Smartwatch

When the rumours first started hinting at Apple working on a smartwatch, I was already sold. My wrist had already had an Android wear watch strapped to it, but since my switch to Apple products, my pebble watch although great wasn’t cutting it. Now four years later, it is the single bit of hardware that keeps me using an iPhone – but man is it ugly.

You see I have a bit of a thing for watches, in fact before smartwatches became a real option I had around 15 different ones in my possession, but the Apple Watch ruined all my style, due to its notification and health monitoring. It’s not ugly in terms of a smartwatch, although not the most beautiful looking, but its dam ugly when compared to most regular watches. Take the Apple Watch out of a fitness environment, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Although the Apple Watch is becoming more acceptable in business meetings and formal situations, it just needs something more.

The ridiculous price tagged editions or making them out of expensive materials isn’t the answer, but the design is. Given Apple’s insistence on complicating product lineups in recent years, is it time for different shapes and an iPhone X type shift. A model that is higher priced, but a glimpse at improved design and specification. The time has come to move away from a squircle – it’s uncomfortable, ugly and looks out of place unless your colleague has a Samsung gear watch.

I have never seen a wrist that the watch fits comfortably on at all times, I don’t feel it often myself, but each time I see a picture of anyone wearing one it is ways poking away from their arm at a weird angle. As much as a round shape doesn’t fit as much information onto, at least it looks like it belongs on your wrist as long as you get the design right.

It is a good job the Apple Watch has become so ingrained in my life because I still loathe putting it on. The sad reality is I couldn’t live without it, my phone never makes a noise any longer, because only the essential things tap me on the wrist and let me see if I need to give my phone any attention. I’m still longing for a better watch to look at. The best looking and most popular smart watch shouldn’t be the pinnacle, Apple needs to aim for the best-looking watch.

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