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Where Are You?

You might be wondering this, or you may not care (or even noticed) but I have been very absent from my usual haunts recently. This is partly by choice, and partly due to other reasons. I am, well I think I was, burnt out – but during my break away I have realised that the things I thought were important to me as a person, actually are not.

I came to a huge realisation. I thought it was social media that I loved, but I hate it. It’s the conversations I like, and they are becoming less and less. No one knows how to have a discussion any longer, and the technology circles I used to move in are no longer attractive. Interaction has died both back to my posts, and also from my end. I just can’t be bothered to respond because of passive aggressiveness or merely being ignored.

Quite frankly I feel it is no longer worth my time. That is not to say that engaging with my followers is no longer worthwhile; I’m not that arrogant. It is that time put in no longer equals value out, and at many points, it is detracting from my life and mental wellbeing. Lots of the people I looked up to as inspiration and motivation are not the types of person I want to be. I’m not interested in building a brand for myself, I want to be able to be myself, and that doesn’t revolve around the things it used to.

I spend a lot of my working life now designing, writing and working on things I used to be in my spare time. So when home time comes, I want to do different things. I feel like a different person now, with different desires, different motivations and a new outlook to life. I feel as though I’ve gone to a different stage in my life, so if in any doubt – that’s where I am.

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