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Be Like The Sun

My wife often calls be “annoyingly positive” about everything, but that is not all I am. In fact some of my positive outlook and input is just for show, when in reality I am struggling. I know I really shouldn’t portray anything other than what I really feel, there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being ok. However I think a lot about the people around me and for one reason or another I don’t see why my internal mood should affect others around me.

I know from experience that my state of mind affects others around me to a huge extent. I react completely differently to very similar stimulus if I am struggling that day. I try not to let the piggy back guy catch up with me most days, but even if I give in and let him ride every now and again, remembering a quote by Ram Dass usually gets me some of the way through.

Be Like The Sun – Ram Dass

I want to radiate to others my love and appreciation for them, even if they are testing me. I want to be like the sun and shine regardless of what the situation is, it shouldn’t matter if the clouds have gathered that day. The sun is always there, rising day after day. The natural thing when someone crosses you, or brings negativity into your life is to remove that sun shine. Remove the love and positivity and put that person in the shade for what they have done, but this only makes you both feel bad.

Be like the sun. Radiate out positivity regardless, and put no person or thing in the shade. Appreciate the challenge of overcoming the obstacle and make sure you still radiate, the sun manages to warm things even if something is in the way – so smile through it and it might just change everyone’s day.

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