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A New Productivity App Won’t Make You More Productive

Look, we need to talk. This is something that many of you are not going to like, it’s going to ruin your fancy home screen set up but it might actually save you money. You’re expecting too much from a new task manager, it won’t make you more productive.

Organisation and productivity comes from within, it’s not a superpower, but it’s not something lines of code can solve. Much like an exercise app won’t make you lose weight, a fancy task manager might be more helpful, it might make things easier for you to find but if you’re not using a stock app to its full potential you really don’t need to buy anything else.

We are told this product or that gadget will solve our problems. That our next purchase will be the solution we’ve been looking for all along. — Joshua Becker

The reason you want to keep switching, or buying a new version is understandable and is the result of a much larger issue. Much like Joshua Becker touches on above consumers expect far too much from their purchases. A task manager is a powerful tool to have, it helps tremendously to remember your tasks and also plan to get more done, but don’t expect it to transform your life and productivity.

Working on yourself and your internal drive is a much better area to place your energy into, not moving all your tasks into another app for the 4th time this month. Stop expecting quick fixes, if it was as easy as switching apps everyone would be productivity powerhouses. I know it’s the in thing to spend your time watching YouTube videos and worrying about the perfect set up, it doesn’t exist and you’re just stressing yourself out and wasting more time that could be better spent.

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