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Aggressive Twitter

Perhaps it’s the lack of characters, perhaps it’s just how Twitter is, but more than ever I am finding Twitter full of opinions that are pushed on everyone else. People are taking themselves to seriously and are expressing themselves aggressively and I’m not sure if I can continue to read it.

I find Twitter quite meditative when done in the right way. Simply sit down a couple of times a day and just absorb the information. If there are other opinions expressed I might check out the full thread, however more often that not I just appreciate their point of view and scroll on by.

I don’t feel I can do this any more, I keep getting pulled into disagreements and I get huge amounts of negativity towards my tweets that after a while gets on top of me. Twitter isn’t discussion any more, it’s arguing and I don’t think I can bring it into my life. I think I’d rather have no interaction than be constantly tweeted at that their opinion matters more.

Mix in passive aggressive sub tweets and I think I’m pretty much at the point of no return. It’s hard enough to find some calm between all the attention seeking, and people building ‘their brand’. Twitter used to be such a great place to hang out. I think it still is but there is a way of expressing push back to people online, as there is in life, but the way Twitter seems to mould it needs to change.

I’m definitely not soft or a snowflake, or any other names people band about when others don’t like what they say. I’m 100% a proponent that people can have whatever opinion they choose, but they need to be expressed in the right way. I say this because I don’t think it is the way people are, just the way that it is encouraged on platforms such as Twitter.

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