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Social Media And Depression

Tracy Brower wrote

Social media use also has an opportunity cost. If we’re at home snapping our friends on Snapchat or posting photos on Instagram, we’re not connecting with them in person. Even if we are with people in person, being heads-down on a device means that we miss out on meaningful interactions.

I feel very mixed on social media, in one respect it has put me in touch with some people that I hoLd very dear in my life. People that I would never have met in ‘real life’ including my podcast co-host Nati who lives in Israel. But when I say social media I mean Twitter, because all others seem much more closed off.

On the other hand there is a huge amount of resentment I have towards platforms. I found myself being much less active and pretty passive now in terms of sharing things, simply because the culture at large is hugely negative when compared to a few years ago.

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