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Lets Be Clear: This Case Is A Rip Off

It’s been a long time coming, but with the reproduction of colour into the iPhone line up with the XR, Apple released a clear case. The case has also appeared with the new phone line ups, available for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro thanks to new colours in the lineup. Now I need to be straight to the point on this – Do Not Buy One.

You might be tempted to pick one up, show off that brand new Midnight-Green iPhone 11 Pro, or cool Yellow iPhone 11. If you choose to buy one in-store, you might even be pitched one to compliment your shiny new purchase, because you should show off the colour of them, the midnight green is my personal favourite, but at £45 you really shouldn’t.

DSC0004 1

The Apple cases are a bit like marmite, I love them because they fit and last the best I have found, but many people think they are a rip-off. Which is understandable given that most other cases are less than half the price of the stock options, but they do offer something different. The leather cases I have used last well and feel premium quality, whereas the silicone version provides a much more grippy surface. However, they charge what seems like more and more each year for the privilege.

The clear case feels like every other clear case on the market. The materials used are a little more robust than other clear cases, and the fit is perfect (as all ways with Apple cases). Some cheaper options are often flimsy and imperfect fitting but are a minute price when compared the Apple. What it doesn’t avoid is the same old issues that plague all clear cases – weird smudge marks and pocket lint build up.

DSC0005 1

To be fair almost every case in the world suffers from lint build-up, but because the case is clear, it is much more apparent. You might like showing everyone the lovely colour of your phone, but you’re also showing them you didn’t clean your phone in the last hour. When the phone is this good at avoiding fingerprints and smudges, its annoying the case isn’t – but no case can be.

If you are ogling to get a clear case, please don’t go for the Apple one. I made a mistake a purchased it along with a few other things and didn’t realise how expensive it is. Opt for a middle of the road option; there are plenty to choose from and save yourself some cash.

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