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I Keep Coming Back To Bear

Notes apps are my kryptonite. I get sucked in quickly, send a few hours getting everything transferred over and use a different one for a few weeks. I’ve pretty much used them all, recently it was a return to Apple Notes, and even more recently I have been using Agenda for everything. Both of these apps are still great – but for writing out a post, there is nothing quite like Bear.

Perhaps it’s the beautifully designed writing experience; maybe it’s the powerful exporting options or one of the many other reasons that make Bear green. I just can’t put my finger on why it’s so lovely to use.

Whether you are jotting down a quick note to yourself or starting a long page of prose, nothing will disturb your writing. Images can be inserted and formatted to your liking, meaning that as you type you will be looking at exactly how the document looks. This won’t make a blind bit of difference to simple notes, but perhaps it’s time to take your notes to the next level!

The sharing options of this Bear are right up there with a serious writing app. It offers the possibility for exporting the notes you have made in such a wide range of options it might take a while to work out which one you need. With a simple swipe left while viewing a note you can share in Text, Markdown, PDF, HTML, Rich Text, DocX, and if that wasn’t enough you can even export as an image. No more screenshots of your notes to publish on Instagram and Twitter.

Bear makes everything from writing stories to documents through to just jotting things down to remember a breeze – this is why I keep coming back.

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