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Losing Minimal

For the last few months, I’ve had an itch at the back of my brain. Something I just couldn’t put my finger on and no amount of de-stressing or meditation seemed to fix it. The feeling was a strange one, one that I couldn’t place, and it was making me not feel myself. It wasn’t caused by any upset, nor by any illness or fatigue – it was because I had too much stuff.

The bits and pieces, the nick lacks and junk you pick up without going through life was starting to build up again, and it was making me feel stressed without even knowing it.

Minimalism hit me like a train at the end of 2016 after seeing the Minimalism documentary made by Matt D’Avella. I’d been spending far too much on things that didn’t make me happy, and were just to paper over other issues. It instantly spoke to me, and I began to slim down almost everything I owned. My wardrobe, my possessions and more importantly, my technology were all scrutinised. Slimming down made me much happier, my bank healthier and my outlook on life completely different.

I would say, a couple of weeks after, I was a completely different person. Enjoying different things, and engaging in different ways with my family, friends and the world online.

This year, the stuff has been creeping back slowly. Temptations to buy this and that have been fought off, but I haven’t been as ruthless with keeping accumulated items at bay. Bags have been hanging around full of freebies from events, not throwing away or donating items I no longer need. And worst of all, the stress of presents piling up for family members taking over my office space.

So this past week has been spent slimming down again (and fight off illness). I’m so glad I spotted this when I did, because its important to me to focus on essential things, and not let the unimportant rule my life. If you haven’t tried it already, give it a go, and I promise it will change you too.

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