Greg Morris

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Just Thinking

How many of us spend life flitting in and out of the present time? Any given moment, we are away and into our thoughts with limited awareness of what is going on around us. It’s good to sit and just think about things, but being present in the current moment is as relevant, and I believe this needs more attention and thought.

Only when you are aware of where your attention is that you become aware that it is very rarely on where it should be. Yet when I sit and think I often find myself unable to stay focused and succumb to distractions if I am not paying attention. My mind wanders all over the place, from thought to thought and down avenues that it really should not.

When I sit and meditate that I can begin to let things go and indeed empty my mind of thoughts, my mind becomes present, and I can focus entirely – the fog starts to lift. Mindful of where my thoughts are going and able to come back to what is essential.

Just thinking is harder than it seems in an age of constant stimulation, but not impossible. Thinking about things is not the same as letting your thoughts run free; it takes practice and attention to what is going on. Otherwise, there is a genuine risk or “miles away” from those around you.

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