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Binge Release Podcasts?

I’ve always recorded my podcast weekly, edited and then released it a few days later. Four years later and I’ve never done anything differently, but the release of Charlie Chapman new podcast Launched has got me thinking about bingeing podcasts and when to release my own.

In general, I’ve never been swept away by podcasts. There are a few I have found and then gone back to listen to entire back catalogues, but shows like Serial or the million other crime things have never been my thing. But I think these Audio dramas are created with this in mind, consumed in one go. Although recently I listened to the entirety of The missing crytoqueen on a long journey, and if I had to wait a week between episodes, it would have been a nightmare.

At the moment I am recording 2 or 3 in a week and then leaving a couple of weeks before I record any more. It is allowing me to spread out my work editing and book a few more guests or focus on other things. With this in mind, I could drop 2 or 3 all at once and then record the others in the next few weeks? Or should I have a mass record and then release 5 or 6 all at once? Perhaps I am putting too much thought into it.

It is a hard decision and one that Netflix and other streaming services are having to make. Do you release all episodes at once to create a real buzz, but then it be short-lived, or string it out for longer?

Many more shows fall back on series, or releasing several shows all at once and then working on a new run. Working like this seems based on the TV model, and if I may say so seems like an old school way of working. However, this does allow for better storytelling, and also should cut down on the editing if you are duplicating introductions, sound design and other things.

Unfortunately, my brain is still leaning towards avoiding the idea of podcast ‘seasons’ – I don’t think it’s suited to anything other than audio dramas. Yet now I’m recording more conversations that are not time-sensitive, I’m more inclined to record a few and either release all at once rather than once a week. What do you think is best?

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