Greg Morris

I Have Started Showing Ads

I’m not too fond of ads. I promised myself I would never show them on my blog and hate the way they looked on websites that did. With all this said, I have turned some on for a little experiment and wanted to share why.

I have never made a penny from writing, podcasting or making videos. I have never tried to really and never expect to. However, after writing for more than seven years, I have noticed that some posts get traction long after I have posted them and seem to be serving a purpose to people.

Guides like my repairing a DJI Spark controller get more than 100 views a day, they are helping people out, and I am happy about that. On digging into my site stats (I don’t do this very often) I discovered that 92% of these people are bouncing immediately off the site. They are merely using this page they found from Googling, getting the information and leaving.

I do get the very occasional email thanking me for publishing the information, one reader in particular, asked to send me some money because I solved his issue with his Lumia stuck when booting. However, most people are not reading very much.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; we all do it multiple times a day. However, these people are not engaging with me, not my followers and not likely to be. So I figured a small ad on pages like this wouldn’t hurt, it might give me a few pounds towards my site, but also might not.

Ghost makes it pretty easy for me to put a simple HTML block in the middle of posts that I want to try and monetise, so I’ve dropped a few into old posts that still get found on the net. What I don’t want is to have loads displaying all over the page, and ruin the content. I am now writing much more than I used so maybe one day I will make some money.

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