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Is Recycling for Girls? Stuart Heritage on Why Some Men Think Green Means Girly | Men's Health UK

Stuart Heritage wrote:

A psychologist at Pennsylvania State University asked 960 participants whether certain activities registered as masculine or feminine. Basic environmental housekeeping, such as recycling and taking reusable bags to the shops, were seen as feminine. As a result, some men avoided these activities out of fear that they made them look effeminate. In short, a whale just suffocated on a 10p carrier bag because you were worried that a checkout assistant might see you putting your veg in a cotton tote and try to flog you some discount mascara. Great job, masculinity.

What. What did I just read.

Some men avoid doing the recycling or taking a reusable bag to the supermarket because they don’t want to look ‘girly’. What level of idiot do you have to be for this to be true about you. That’s not being masculine, that’s being a complete moron.

These thought patterns show a distinct lack of confidence in both yourself and doubt in your masculinity. I don’t usually go with all this toxic masculinity thing, but this is another level of weirdness.

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