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I Can’t Do A Regular 9-5

First off the bat. I understand that I am in a ridiculously unique position that my employer trusts me and gives the freedom I need. So I am already coming from a privileged position compared to most people. With all that’s said –  I just can’t fit into a regular 9-5 job, and I don’t think most people should have to either.

You see, we all have the stuff to do. Things that don’t fit into the time after five and going to bed, or weekends. I have social workers to talk to, kids schools to meet with, medical things to sort out, and so does everyone else. I don’t mind working until late into the night to get things done if it means some freedom in the middle of the day to work out or run an errand.

In this climate, many people are introduced to working from home, and all the issues that go with it. But I’m hoping that this highlights the number of people that can and should be working more flexibly. Hopefully, more companies realise just how many positions can be filled by people that at least in part are allowed the flexibility to work from home.

I appreciate there are a considerable amount of jobs that just can’t be done any other way – but this draconian office working time is built on ideas that are old and showing their age. Business’ must trust their staff to accomplish the tasks assigned to them in a manner that suits both the requirements of the company and also the individual. If they do not trust the staff members enough to do this, then hard questions need to be asked about the staff they are employing in the first place or indeed the mentality of the management.

It’s nice to think that everyone should, and are, working at every point in the day but they’re enough checks and balances possible to ensure work gets done outside of office hours and freedom given to those that need it.

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