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Could This Rumour Be A New Bigger iPad?

Despite launching a new iPad only a few days ago, according to DigiTimes, the company still plans to go ahead with another new iPad version by the end of the year. This new version will one of a range of devices to feature a Mini LED display. “Apple reportedly prefers mini LED to OLED for its medium-size devices and will launch an iPad Pro with backlighting in the fourth quarter of 2020” they proclaim.

Rockstar Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supports a similar idea that Apple will indeed launch an even higher-end iPad Pro with a mini-LED display in 2020 – an iPad Pro Pro if you will. So why precisely and where exactly would this fit into the lineup? That’s a difficult question to answer, but could this point to a larger-screened iPad.

I huge iPad isn’t a new idea, it’s one that has been swirling for years. Yet seems to have gathered pace again since the launch of the 3rd generation models. A modern design that makes infinitely more sense when placed on a desk due to the slimmer bezels and use of Face ID. Opinion posts started popping up again recently from iMore and Slashgear, to name a few, dreaming of a future with a larger desk iPad.

On a product like the iPad, where the display is the device to a degree beyond a MacBook or iMac, offering even bigger screens is even more essential. Artists would have bigger canvases. Your apps would have more room in side-by-side and slide-over modes, or you could fit more on your screen when editing photos and videos. – Joseph Keller

for iMore

Indeed the new mouse and trackpad support in iOS 13.4 pushed the iPad even more towards desk usage while remaining amazingly portable.

Consistent improvements to the OS is leading even more people towards using an iPad as their only ‘computer’. The unavoidable trade-off of larger is reducing portability. Boost the screen size to 16″ and match the size of the MacBook Pro means the iPad is much easier to use on a desk, but terrible to carry around. The iPad is a tablet and touch first and foremost, so why should Apple even bother.

Now that the trackpad and mouse support is happening, and considering that Apple has announced this before their usual info dump in June, one can’t help wonder if macOS or pro apps may be appearing on the iPad Pro soon. – Daryl Baxter for

Stealth Optional

Cupertino could mediate this somewhat with better external monitor support. The current version means that the external screen is letterboxed and conforms to an iPad aspect ratio of 4:3. Whereas most motors you buy hover around the 16:9 ratio, leading to lots of wasted space. (The 11″ iPad is 1.33:1)

If Apple is indeed expecting Pros to seriously consider these devices, and let’s be honest they should, then a bigger larger screen is a must. Adobe launched Photoshop on the iPad last year and plan to release Illustrator later this year. So what exactly is stopping people? Unfortunately working paradigms and workflows that have been built up over years, then take years to break. So adopting non-standard computing can be too much for some.

However, an iPad Pro at any size that provides more computing power than most Laptops and you can draw on the screen is the perfect computer for ‘pros’. The iPad is already providing thousands of people the ability to carry around a touch-first tablet for tradition consumption but also power the majority of their work. It’s now time Apple help to turn those thousands into millions and offer the reasons for a switch.

I bigger iPad will help attract more users for drawing, video editing and loads of creative fields. This rumoured iPad Pro Pro could point to exactly that move. However, there are a few more bits Apple need to take the lead on to push this over the line, and fully release the iPad’s potential

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