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Now More Than Ever: Vote With Your Wallet

Around this time last year, I was urging readers to think about where they are placing their technology investment seriously. It was a call to try and force people to think more in-depth than a shiny new thing. Think about where the product is coming from and what the money you are exchanging will fund. We all need to take extra time when considering funding brands like Google, Facebook and many others.

However, in recent weeks it has become apparent the difference in company ethics then the chips are down. The way they treat their staff and prioritise things when faced with the unprecedented times speaks volumes about the company as a whole – and it’s essential that from now on you vote strongly with your wallet.

In the UK, High Street and online brands have shown their true colours and prioritised profits instead of staff health. Companies such as Sports Direct, Wetherspoons and Virgin Media have come under massive criticism for the way they are handling government instructions and the health of their staff. Understandably, a business wants to continue as much as possible, but many have simply not listened to instruction and prioritised profits over the health of their staff. Or in the case of Wetherspoons, used Government funding as an excuse to screw over their team.

If you want to buy into the stories or not, that’s up to you – but at least listen to what’s going on and choose more wisely.

It’s understandable for companies not to be prepared for something like this, but it’s not acceptable for them to carry on as usual and cram warehouse workers in as standard. Some companies are no strangers to risking workers health to profits, but endangerment like some we have seen is not acceptable.

Do not wait for government intervention, because it will never come. Do not threaten action online, because most of the time, it can’t live up to the promise. Just simply think about where you are buying things from and placing your investment. Would you want to be treated the way we have seen in recent weeks? If the answer is not, do not fund the company to carry on doing so. You re the only thing that matters, and where you spend your money is more important than ever.

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