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iPad Pro And 13.4

Just before the country went into lockdown, I got a preview of 13.4 with proper mouse support. I tested this out with my entry-level iPad not expecting much and was blown away. I immediately went out and bought another 12.9″ iPad Pro.

I can’t overstate this. The newly designed interface is a delight to use and goes some of the ways to understanding why Apple took so bringing this in. The easy way would have been to have the same old arrow – but instead, we got something that fits iOS perfectly, a finger-like curser that morphed into whatever it is you’re trying to select.

Move the pointer above a button and the circle morphs into the button itself, “snapping” into it, enveloping it like an amoeba, causing it to glow in a pleasing way. What this means is the usual precision of a trackpad isn’t required to get exact hits on navigational elements. – Craig Mod for Wired

Why does this make such a difference you ask. Well – decides the software bugs and the annoying interface, one of the biggest things that stopped me using my iPad was its limitedness. Such I can use it as an iPad and somewhat as a computer when I’m travelling. It just didn’t have the flexibility to use it as a computer if needed. As I am spending more and more time at a. Desk, I can not pair a keyboard and mouse and use it was a desktop, combine it with the new magic keyboard and use as a laptop, and strip it down to read on a tablet.

The iPad kind of sort of did this before, but nowhere near as good as it does now – Bravo Apple.

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