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Why Don’t We Just Ban Targeted Advertising? | WIRED

Gilad Edelman  wrote

You’d probably be able to read about all these changes in a revived news media. The past decade has been devastating for journalism, with waves of job losses year after year. The rise of behavioural advertising isn’t the sole culprit, but it’s a big one. Newspaper ad revenue, steadily climbing until 2006, has plunged ever since. Where have advertisers taken their budgets instead? Overwhelmingly, to Facebook and Google and the advertising infrastructure they control. Take away their targeting advantage, and marketers would have to shift back to paying publications to reach their audiences, so-called “contextual advertising.” Getting rid of micro-targeting wouldn’t singlehandedly restore journalism to its glory days, but it could help—a lot.

Online advertising is responsible for so many negative things you would think that banning it would be a no brainer. The big issue is it still makes s many companies a shed load of money it would be almost impossible to stop.

As much as online website can monetise themselves by showing adverts, it means that this is the sole metric they need. Articles exist simply to get views and attention – giving birth to more fake news and more clickbait rubbish.

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