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Do Whatever You Need To Get Through This

The negativity is increasing by the day. If you can’t feel it growing when you talk to others, it’s pretty easy to see by the style of posts on the internet. They have slowly changed from helpful working at home tips to instructions or ridicule of others that are doing whatever they need to get by. There is absolute nothing wrong with what you are doing, there no precedent for this.

I’ve seen people seek more attention than normal. I’ve seen people disappear. I’ve seen people claim more appreciation they should do, and avoid all the validation they should get. I’m hopeful that most people don;t care and are doing their own thing — but you need to know you can do whatever you need to get you through.

Marketing emails and every advert on TV are telling us these are uncertain times. That’s because we have never faced anything like this before. In the UK we may well have faced two word wars and our country being in all sorts of weird situations. However we’ve never placed so much faith in healthcare, science and the people that work in those fields that ever before. It’s scary.

Listen to me when we say you can’t do exactly what you want. You can’t go against advice as show your entitlement by protesting closures. But you can do whatever you need to get you through these tough times.

Some will try and put you down and say you need to be productive, learn new skills, or downright dictate what you should wear. But you need to know it’s ok to show your opinions and it’s totally ok to do as you wish as long as you come out strong. If there are possible to take away I am confident that people will come out of this better, tougher and more focused than ever to do things that are good for you and the people around you.

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Look after everyone you can. Listen to advice and take it on board. Most of all though wash you dam hands and stay home.

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