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Google And Zoom Fight

Digital Hacker wrote:

TheDigitalHacker team observed the screenshot and found that the user, in fact, didn’t mention the context “video call” at all in the conversation but google’s own developed messaging app Messages added “Start Video Call” button positioning their own app “Google Duo” first in the chat. The user also had zoom android app installed on his phone.“

This raises many questions regarding google’s anti-competitive behavior towards companies like zoom, skype, and other companies in the video conferencing industry.

Mathew Wille writing for Input added:

That strategy is likely to turn customers away, rather than reel them back in.

The problem is don’t think this makes any difference to users. They just ignore it and carry in regardless. Even If (and that’s a very big if) Google got fined for this, it’s such a small hit to take to their bottom line it’s almost unnoticeable when they look to gain millions of users a week.

Don’t get me wrong this is a. absolutely deplorable tactic by Google, but one I am not surprised in the slightest. Google’s business model is to sell you stuff, or sell you Google services, which it then uses to sell you stuff. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The real shocker is average users don’t care.

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