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We’re All Realizing Life Is Not Found in Material Possessions

Joshua Becker for becoming Minimalist

Retail shopping is not needed for our survival. Of course, it never was. But it has been helpful to be reminded of that fact.
Given the reality that most of our homes are filled with more possessions than at any point in human history (even after 2 months of stores being closed), buying stuff from the store is no longer about survival for most of us.

There is a stark difference in the people I talk to about their current life. Those that moan that they can’t do their normal things, and those that have realised that their normal life doesn’t have to come back.

Now is the time to change the way things are and loose this reliance on stuff to make you happy. It is people and experiences that have kept you going though this, and it is those same things that should keep you going forever.

Love people, not things. Use things, not people.

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