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Stopping Wearing My Watch

At some point each year I fall out of love with my Apple Watch and leave it on its charger. This isn’t a new thing, but I always return after a week or so rest and kick myself for not keeping up with my activity rings. This time feels different though, and I am starting to wonder if I am about to follow fellow enthusiasts down the route of removing it for good?

The weird thing is, the Apple Watch has been my favourite device for the past five years. I have written so many posts about it, and my love of wearing it, above and beyond anything else. Despite a few recent grumbles, I have owned all five iterations of it and gone out of my way to keep one on my wrist at all times. So, it seems even more strange that my love has faded quite dramatically.

I am not sure if it is because of the warmer weather or worrying about tan marks. Working from home could be removing some fo the need for it. To be honest it could be a range of things, but for some reason this keeps happening and this year it has been a few weeks since i continuously put it on each morning. I have been sometimes intentionally putting it on if I want to be contactable but with out my phone, but more often than not it has been left on my bedside table.

The health benefits that filling my rings have been huge. When first realising this would make a difference, too now, the three rings have pushed me that bit further to improve my health. Yet I don’t feel the need fill these tricolour pests any longer and just cycle when I want (all the time). I am not at the stage where I would get rid of my watch, it gives me the opportunity to not take my phone out and the £5pm is negligible for this convenience.

Currently, it makes an expensive bedside clock and that’s about it.

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