Greg Morris

Being A Blogger

When first starting out publishing to the internet I had no idea what I wanted it to be. I had no idea how WordPress, or much of the web, worked and would update my HTML site by building a new page and linking to it from an index.

It seems strange now looking back at the few months I spent doing that before getting to grips with a CMS. But all I was worried about was writing a post and getting it online. That fact I didn’t even know how to publish to the internet properly but spent so much time making sure I did leave me with nostalgia for simpler times. Times when I thought of myself as a writer, so I did what I though writer did and that was publishing often.

I wasn’t worried about stats, or SEO, or optimisation of any kind — I just wanted my word on the internet. I wanted for a very long time to join the ranks of a large publication and write away all day until I ran out of ideas — but now I couldn’t think of anything worse.

Compared that to todays world and you would think things would have improved. Yet whenever I think about writing anything now I am filled with dread unless it heads to my blog. I don’t have to worry about anything that content writers need to worry about, I can write exactly what I want and hit publish.

As Paul Jarvis wrote about in his excellent I’d rather be a blogger post, the hassles and strains of content producers should not be any of our concern. I used to want to be a writer, but now I love being a blogger.

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