Greg Morris

What Matters To You

Much like the COVID-19 outbreak, all things seem unimportant any longer. Over the past fortnight since the last edition, at some points it felt like the whole fabric of the world was going to fall apart, but we are getting through things and trying to return to some normal. Of course some things need changing for the world to continue, and although some of us don’t speak up and walk with you, we are behind you every step of the way.

With that said, it doesn’t change the fact that things do continue, and can continue alongside more important issues. It may mean that things become less important but struggles like this should allow us to reframe our existence and find out what really matters to us.

What we once considered smaller things in life have suddenly become critical to people. Walking with my family has become significant to me, as has exercise and cycling specifically that I have spoken about before.

The real dichotomy of the situation is that cycling really shouldn’t matter to me, as with all sport in the current climate, it appears on the surface a pointless endeavour. Nothing is achieved by it, I am not serving a purpose and you could argue it is not essential. But the real beauty of sport and exercise is that taking part is so important to us.

I have seen some usually upbeat and active people going through a painful process of looking at their activities with critical eyes. Whatever your interest they have taken on some weird oxymoronic place in many peoples lives that it is both essential and non-essential simultaneously. Whatever it is that you take part in shouldn’t make you feel bad for carrying on.

This may be the place technology takes for you. You understand that having the latest phone or computer doesn’t matter in the slightest, but also matters a great deal to you.

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