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Missing Podcasts

This is the first time in a long time I have had something effortless to talk about. Two things that have been large in my life and felt like they matter to me again. Things are starting to come back, but I have a feeling they will never be back to normal. Unfortunately I spend no time traveling and no time in my office, so I am listening almost no podcasts.

I am not alone either, it’s great to not have to travel all the time and commute to meetings all the time, but I feel I am missing a certain amount of information by not listening to my beloved podcasts. The only time I can grab an episode or two is while running, and that doesn’t happen very often since becoming much more inclined to take my bike out.

Listening seems to have shifted to an at home experience for some, but I just can’t make it stick. If I try to do things whilst listening then I don’t pay nearly as much attention and often missing large sections. Ultimately, I just don’t feel as engrossed as I am if I listen while driving. No great loss, but I do feel less informed than normal — perhaps that’s a good thing.

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