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My Favourite Hey Features

I have made it my mission to not talk about all the App Store issues surrounding the launch of this app. I might mention it, but it’s a conversation for those that are more educated than I. I have been using the service, however, and after two weeks of use I have some features that I want to share with you that might just make your life easier.


This is the most obvious feature that is talked about. This is an inbox for you most important things — hence Imbox. Horrible name, great idea. When you get an email from someone for the first time, this is flagged for you to approve, or deny the request to get through.

So only the most important things alert you to their presence. If this is a receipt you can select to deliver this straight to Paper Trail, which stores them all silently, or if this is a marketing email or newsletter this can go to The Feed.

Watch an overview of this here

Renaming Subjects

You know those emails you get with no subject, or the email body is in the subject. Well, turns out they annoy all of us, so Hey made is possible to rename the subject of an email, without any input from the persona emailing you.

With a couple of taps you can rename the email, making it easier to find it later, and it doesn’t affect the other side of the conversation.

Watch an overview of this here

Merge Threads

It drives me insane when you get an email about the same thing, but it’s not a reply, or your email app decides it needs its thread (looking at you Apple mail). Will this is fixed too. You can merge threads back together, and even emails chains form different people about the same thing. Again without affecting the other side of the chain.

Watch an overview of this here


Ever want to remember something like an account number of insertion but don’t want to go searching through all your emails to find it. You can clip text from an email and make it easier to find when you need it.

Watch and overview of this here

Notes To Self

Ever wanted to keep all your information in one place about a subject, but didn’t know how to do it. In Hey, you can make notes in an email chain that only appear to you. So for example you can make notes of telephone conversations with the person or simply notes to cover when replying later.

Watch an overview of this here

There are loads more features than these but I wanted to give an overview to show this is not just another email service. Many things you can do with Gmail filters, but these above have already come in really useful for me — I even signed up and paid the yearly fee yesterday!

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