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WWDC and iOS14

Now is not the time to start talking about features, there is enough coverage out there for you to find out all the details. What is relevant is the experience and the way in which Apple competed their keynote and it was interesting to say the least.

Thankfully for my inner nerd instead of cancelling the event, Apple took the whole event online. WWDC is usually packed full of developers and press, and tickets to be able to attend the headline keynote are well thought after. People packed into a theatre obviously isn’t possible at the moment, so attending as out, but the video portion took on a completely new feel.

The whole keynote was prerecorded, with special effects, cleaver editing and a really nice feel. It managed to keep Apples usual flair and in jokes but got straight to the point. I enjoyed it much more and it was easier for my wife to suffer through it due to not feeling pushed out. Ultimately the event felt more approachable for almost everyone, it was much easier to understand and didn’t get dragged off talking about retail or revue income.

If I could choose, id like Apple to keep the more streamlined appeal, but also with some in person feel. What that looks like I am not sure, but it helped not to have to pause after every announcement for whooping in the audience. Developers have also felt more able to code alongside an event you can pause and rewind, so I think everyone will benefit from the lessons learnt this year.

This should be a lesson to all companies needing to switch their business model, it is Vitaly important you keep your business moving but maintain your personality. Moving things online doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the personal touch.

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