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They Don’t Like You

Seth Godin on posing for selfies:

The irony is that the people we’re most likely to want to trust and engage with are the ones who don’t pose. They’re consistent, committed and clear, but they’re not faking it. – Seth Godin

I seriously doubt Seth reads my newsletter but this post seems to tug on the things that I was approaching last edition. The apparent rise and rise of taking pictures just to show off what you are doing, or rather doing things just so you can pose for photos.

This isn’t new information but those people online you flex your ego to are not your real friends, those likes you get doesn’t mean they like you — the people around you are your friends. They know the real you, who you actually are and they see the difference in who you are on social media. Put the phone down and enjoy those people instead of showing off to people online.

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