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Bubble Living

Something that I am constantly thinking about is broadening my horizons and appreciating other peoples interests and points of view. Something that is actually quite difficult to do, as it seems we are preprogrammed to believe our own points of view above all else and defend our positions. So, some of this is understandable, but we owe it to ourselves and others around us to be better people.

I don’t believe that anything in life is binary, it can be not completely good or bad. You can find positives in everything, and if 2020 has taught me anything, it is that there a whole load of people I once respected that live in a bubble of their choice. Many fail to see that their experiences are not what others have felt and share some disgusting opinions online.

I am talking disputing systematic racism levels of idiocy. View points that will affect others should be questioned as much as possible and living in a bubble of your mind won’t help you do this. I urge everyone reading my newsletter to breakout of your normal and experience other peoples view points and beliefs. Certainly challenge them, but spend time learning why and how they have come to this view point — you just might learn a thing or two.

On the plus side, I follow a few less people on Twitter now.

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