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Missing the world for the gram

These kinds of posts usually start out as a small note in my journal or Apple Notes. Sometimes they stay there for quite a while because I am at risk of sounding like a grump old man – and not for the first time.

However in Lockdown there has been an increase in social media posting that has continued now that things are easing (sorry America). When biking around, or walking with the family there has been a stark increase in people looking at their phones or constantly taking pictures. Posing with things, or shameless self promotion, you know the types of posts I mean.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking photos, I love it, I take far too many of them – but I don’t miss the world for a shot. When everything on Instagram is fake, what exactly is the point of posting. It’s supposed to be about showing what you are doing, not doing things so you can show them.

Stop missing the world, or watching it through the screen of a phone – put it down and live it.

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