Greg Morris

Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad

A Young Carer

Whenever I write about my daughter and share it with others they always say how lucky I am to have such an inspiration. That of course is true, but I am lucky enough to in-fact have two of them. Because although our times are hard, and some days difficult to get through, we always have someone at our side to keep us going and that is my son James.

I hate thinking about him as a young carer, but at just 9 he is the most kind and loving person you could ever meet. Since before he could even walk he has fetched things for Lucie, played with her and been her motivation to get up and walk. She only took her first step because she was determined to be just like him.

He shouldn’t have to worry about the things he does at his age, but he does so with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. He has taught me so much already, and made me confident that we can do anything together because if we managed to raise such a brilliant boy I can’t wait for the man he will become.

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