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Sitting In The Chair

That’s the easy bit right. Sitting in the chair, then you’ve got to sort all your desk out, check out Twitter for a bit, change writing apps 3 times and then what?

Talking about writing is easy, what’s hard is actually writing anything and hitting publish. Deciding to do things, saying you are going to do things, anyone can do those two parts. Don’t believe me there is a whole book about it — but are you actually going to do something about it?

Writing, like so many creative acts, is hard. Sitting there, staring, mad at yourself, mad at the material because it doesn’t seem good enough and you don’t seem good enough. — from “Ego is the Enemy: The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent” by Ryan Holiday

Writing is one of those weird acts that everyone thinks is straightforward, but actually very few people can do consistently. More people should do it and simply stop messing around pretending to write and put something down — on paper, on a web page wherever you want put it — just sit in the chair and then do it.

There are a million reasons not to do it, not to start, not to carry on, and even more not to hit publish when you are done. You are not good enough, your posts are not getting enough views or even worse your blog doesn’t look like others. Whatever the reason to stop is, you either listen or you get going and publish something. Don’t just talk about it, do it.

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